Dear World


Girls Inc. has been celebrating girls’ voices since 1864, and we’re proud to take that commitment to a new level with the Girls Inc. Dear World public education campaign.  Girls Inc. believes that all girls are inherently strong, smart, and bold, and showing them that their voices are trusted, respected, and above all, heard is a critical part of helping them stay that way in the face of gender stereotypes and pressure to conform.

We asked girls everywhere, “If you could send a message to the whole world about what it’s like growing up as a girl today, what would you say?”

They spoke—and wrote, shouted, laughed, whispered, and signed. They said, “The only person I want to be is me.”

More than 275 girls from Girls Inc. centers across the United States and Canada lent their voices, wrote letters to the world, and auditioned to take part in the Girls Inc. Dear World public education campaign. Though each girl spoke of her unique loves, hates, goals, and fears, the message was undeniable: girls love being themselves, but they need all the support and empowerment the world can offer. Join Girls Inc. in honoring girls’ voices—help us ask the whole world to sit up, pay attention, and celebrate along with us. Welcome to Girls Inc. Dear World.