With You in Her Corner is a rallying cry, a sounding of the alarm, and an awakening to the world of the situations that the girls we serve in both the Canada and U.S still have to fight today. Girls Inc. becomes the promise for a better, brighter future that is quietly beating deep inside the hearts of girls throughout North America. Girls Inc. is the spark that ignites the fight for the brilliant future they deserve. That’s because Girls Inc. wants every girl to stand on her own two feet. To resist gender stereotypes and peer pressure. To express herself as she is. To take risks. To appreciate her body and to feel safe in the world. Because a girl who can do that, has the power to break the cycle and change the world. But to get there she will need a champion. She needs Girls Inc. and in turn Girls Inc. counts on the financial support from our donors. THAT WAY, WE CAN STAND IN HER CORNER, SO SHE WILL WIN.The startling statistics, the plight that too many girls face is illustrated through the images below.
Today, girls continue to encounter significant obstacles to their well-being and success, particularly around teen pregnancy, high school completion, body image, and preventing violence. Too often, girls are overlooked and undervalued by the outside world. Yet, with Girls Inc. in their corner, girls boldly exclaim they are strong, prepared to finish school on time, healthy, and excited to take charge of their futures.
Every day, in communities across Canada and the U.S., Girls Inc. is providing real solutions to the unique issues girls face. At Girls Inc., girls are in a safe, girls-only environment where professionally trained women help them build life skills and they are a part of a network of peers who share their drive and aspirations. With this critical support, girls seize opportunities and thrive.

At Girls Inc., girls are celebrated for their strengths. They learn to be healthy, self-sufficient, and resilient. Girls Inc. shows girls that postsecondary education is an attainable dream and gives them the skills to succeed in higher education. Girls Inc. invites you to be a champion for girls – to inspire them to stand on their own two feet and fight for a positive future – to be strong, smart, and bold.
When you support Girls Inc., you are more than investing in girls’ futures, you are telling them there is someone in their corner who believes in their strength and ability.