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Georgina Island Weekend Program

Girls Inc. Evening Programs and workshops
Currently, our evening programs and community workshops are offered throughout York Region communities (including Aurora, Newmarket, Holland Landing, and Georgina) and are based on both need and interest. We provide community workshops and evening programs that are both recreational and educational for girls and their families to develop skills, and foster new interests. 

Workshops can include but are not limited to the following themes:

Youth Leadership: Girls meet for recreational opportunities and to focus on a specific study such as employment, self-esteem, and social issues.

Issues through Play: Girls meet to learn problem-solving skills and explore issues through play. Empowerment, female rights, and self-confidence are major components of this program.

Art Workshop: Girls support girls and learn problem-solving skills, self-expression through art mediums, self-relization, team-work, and leadership through facilitator lead art projects.

Internet Safety/Cyber Bullying: This workshop educates skills on how to be safer on and off-line, teaching them about the risks, such as on-line predators, cyber-bullying and the consequences of revealing to much information and how to make responisble decisions.

Building Self Esteem (Mother/Daughter): Self-respect, confidence, and belief in oneself are the building blocks to developing self-esteem. The challenges and stress that girls face as they enter the teenage years can seem overwhelming to both you and your daughter. Maintaining a good relationship and open lines of communitcation with your daughter is critical to her success in navigating this difficult time.

Parent/Guardian/ Daughter  or  Grandparent / Daughter Communication Workshops: We believe that the (grand)parent-daughter relationship is of prime importance because parents are such influential role models for their daughters. We also recognize that there are serious challenges in growing from girlhood to womanhood.

If you are a local business and/or Community Library who is interested in partnering with us to organize a workshop, please contact
Girls Inc. Program Coordinator
Mallory Hostick BSW-RSW
mallory@girlsincyork.org 905-830-0776 ext. 305.


Girls Inc. of York Region believes that all girls deserve a safe and fun space to learn new skills and be themselves. Join us Fridays and Saturdays by contacting Star directly!


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