In-School Workshops

Girls Inc. in-school workshops are designed specifically to meet the growing needs, concerns and issues facing girls in elementary and high schools across York Region and Bradford. Each workshop is designed to be tailored to the identified needs of the specific population it serves.


Girls are faced with a variety of complex an ever growing list of challenges at each stage in their lives. This workshop looks to provide girls with the tools and knowledge to navigate through life being true to themselves; knowing what their choices can lead to and to be comfortable with their decisions.

Using media literacy as the starting point we will demonstrate to the girls the ever growing negative influence the media plays in our lives and thus affects our behaviours, values, ethics and understanding of what right and wrong is. The ever growing issue of bullying and exclusion will be the thematic undertone to the workshops. Addressing the issues amongst girls using media awareness allows us to address the whole girl and her choices in developing positive friendships and female relationships. Using media as a tool to engage girls, we will explore mental health issues, eating disorders, self-harm behaviours, stress and its’ impact on our lives, as well as, self-esteem, body image, and friendships.

Through this workshop we hope to develop the girls’ critical thinking skills and foster their confidence in their own decision making. We want to encourage the girls to support other girls and learn to expect support themselves from positive female role models. Through exploring female friendships and relationships we hope to bring awareness to and thus decrease girl on girl violence. This workshop is designed to develop skills and tools so the girls can navigate adolescence successfully.

Length of Workshop

3-4 hours of content
The format will be decided on an individual basis to ensure to accommodate each schools specific needs.
Examples of past formats include: half-day workshop, during class time, during class time and continuing into the lunch break, multiple day one hour sessions.
Goals and Expected Outcomes

Girls Will:

  • Be able to recognize the danger level of situations and make judgments that work for their best interest.
  • Identify female supports, and learn how to be a female support.
  • Define mass media and identify its purpose.
  • Question media messages and think critically about the entertainment, news, and advertising media they consume.
  • Become aware of media ownership, regulation and financing issues and their effect on media content and media messages.
  • Develop the tools and skills to make positive relationships, and informed choices.
  • Acquire the tools to find obvious and hidden media messages.
  • Recognize how beauty is defined and lived in media and real life.
  • Learn skills and develop the ability to say NO and mean it with confidence.
  • Build leadership skills though acknowledging peer pressures and their impact on decision making.
  • Learn about, practice, and assess peer leadership and teaching techniques.
  • Continue peer teaching and leadership.
  • Increase confidence in their leadership abilities.
  • Use assertive, effective communication in many appropriate situations.
  • Utilize communications skills in teaching and in peer interactions.
  • Adapt personal nonverbal communication to the situation and react appropriately to others’ nonverbal signals.
  • Attend to their own nonverbal communication and that of persons with whom they are interacting.
  • Increase awareness of nonverbal communications.
  • Identify sources of stress in their own and others’ lives.
  • Use and teach healthy strategies to manage everyday stress.
  • Associate with positive peers; seek out positive influences and opportunities.
  • Make strong, smart, and bold decisions, including in situations with serious or long term consequences.
  • Recognize how to support other females in professional and personal capacities.
  • Develop tools to foster and continue positive relationships with other females (regardless of age).

For more information on booking a workshop, or to discuss tailoring a workshop for your group please contact the Program Administrator.


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