"Girls Inc is a place to feel safe and feel like there are people there who care about you.  When you are a member they are always there for you.  There is always something to learn and you also make great friends, who may have gone through experiences like yours. " Faith, 13 yrs
"some people believe that girls are only made to go shopping or to hang out and clean.  Some people just don’t accept girls liking sports, math, or science.  They think girls can’t do anything. " Cheyenne, 10 yrs
"I used to think that a leader had to be a famous person. I learned that I, Carlene, and all of us are leaders. We all have something positive to offer. We are natural leaders for our parent, our siblings, our friends, and even strangers. We can all learn from others and we can contribute. " Carlene, 11yrs
"girls are expected to be weak and sensitive although we’ve had proof of many strong and powerful women in history " Sarah, 17 yrs
"Society believes that girls are all about being pretty and shopping, there is so much more to us. " Tiffany, 18 yrs
"Girls Inc. Media Literacy made me listen more to song lyrics. I used to listen to music that degraded girls and women. Now I try to be more aware of what I listen to. " Nikki, 13yrs