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Through our workshops, we hope to develop the girls’ critical thinking skills, and foster their confidence in their own decision making.  We want to encourage the girls to support other girls and learn to except support from others.  Exploring female friendships and relationships will bring awareness and hopefully decrease girl on girl violence.  This workshop is designed to develop skills and tools so the girls can navigate adolescence successfully.

Girls Will:

  • Be able to recognize the danger level of situations and make judgments that work for their best interest.
  • Identify female supports and learn how to be a female support.
  • Define mass media and identify its purpose.
  • Question media messages and think critically about the entertainment, news, and advertising media they consume.
  • Become aware of media ownership, regulation and financing issues and their effect on media content and media messages.


For more information on booking a workshop or for more information, please contact:
Terra Cable, Program Facilitator
905-830-0776 ext. 305


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